MY Foot Products

Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
2020 June

Direction, Paint: Mihara Yasuhiro
Design, Assemble, Speaker: Hiroto Kubo, Irene Alonso (Insideout ltd. )
Kiosk Production: Inoue Industries,    Neon: Aoi Neon

ファッションデザイナー 三原康裕の手がける〈Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO〉の原点は靴作りにあり、スポーツブランドの手がけるモデルとは一線を隠すユニークなスニーカーは看板アイテムのひとつ。シューズに焦点を当てた新ストア『MY Foot Products』を東京・原宿にオープンした。“靴紐結べな君”という、自分の靴紐が結べない謎のキャラクターをアイコンとしたストア。ミニマムな店内は、町のKIOSKをイメージしたコンパクトで機能的なシューズショップとなっており、駅などで見かけるような売店風のカウンターからお土産を選ぶ感覚でショッピングを楽しめる作りに。オリジナルソールのスニーカーが中心となるが、靴紐やアパレルなどのグッズを豊富に展開する。

The origin of Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO, by fashion designer Mihara Yasushiro, is shoe making and one of the signature items is his unique sneakers that differ from sports brands models. A new store focusing on shoes “MY Foot Products” was opened in Harajuku, Tokyo. The store’s icon is “Kutsuhimo musubena-kun”, a mysterious character who can’t tie his own shoelace. Inside the minimalist store there is a compact and functional shoe shop that resembles a town kiosk, where you can enjoy shopping as if you were choosing a souvenir from the counter of one of the stalls you can see in stations. The main products are the sneakers with original soles, but a wide variety of goods such as shoelaces and apparel are on display too.
The interior of the shop, located on the 1st floor facing the sidewalk, has been left untouched and a movable kiosk has been installed, as like a temporary store. The kiosk is structured by connecting wooden boxes, which have been shifted little by little to create gaps between them. In these gaps shelves and speakers are embedded, and product boxes resembling food packages are randomly stacked. Ready-made hanger racks and metal fittings have been diverted, home appliances are integrated with the kiosk, all to provoke a sense of chaotic disorder.The painting done by Mihara, adds a “dummy” feeling to match the tone of the products.  Using a structure of wooden boxes that can be assembled in a short time, parts and electronics that can be ordered online and ready-made products, we tried to create a low-cost store.

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