NACC | Nihombashi Anarchy Culture Center


Nihombashi, Tokyo
Sep, 2022

Chaotic Art Gallery Space
Direction: Mihara Yasuhiro, Operation: Sosu Inc.
Space Design / Selfbuild support: Insideout ltd. + ON
Kiosk: Insideout ltd., Wall Art: DIEGO + Biko and Kenny from TZC


A project to renovate the Nihonbashi Anarchy Culture Center, a period-limited art space in a building scheduled for demolition in front of Mitsukoshi department store, Nihonbashi area, which is undergoing redevelopment. The interior, originally an antenna store for Nara Prefecture, and remaining fixtures were reused as much as possible. The walls, ceiling, and some of the fixtures were cut and destroyed to experiment in creating a new type of place. The interior, cut out like a work of art, is repainted except for the cut surfaces.
Anticipating that various artworks will be replaced over the one-year period, destruction and play are repeated, leaving a blank space.


アート 音楽 建築 映像 写真 ファッション エトセトラなど様々な自己表現の「場」。アーティストたちのショーケースであり、またクロスジャンルの化学反応を引き起こす「場」。混沌であれ 完結しない事。

Nihombashi Anarchy Culture Center (NACC) is...
The philosophy of mankind holds that play is the essence of human activity and the root from which culture emerges. And play also gives meaning to life beyond the biological activity that seeks to sustain life." In 1938, Johan Huizinga spoke of "play precedes culture" in his book Homo Ludens (The Playing Man). So-called "culture" is not a single concept, but a byproduct of various forms of "play. However, in the current era, the context of "play" has faded away, and culture has become defined as commerce. We are "preserving culture, creating culture. We do not say such snappy words as "preserve culture," "create culture," etc. We don't say such crisp words as "preserve culture," "create culture," and so on. Instead, we want to see a kind of passion and enthusiasm that is unattainable. We believe that this is what "play" is and that it is the antithesis of the current hazy modern world. For about a month and a half, Nihonbashi Anarchy Cultural Center will exhibit works by artists with different ways of expression. Art, music, architecture, film, photography, fashion, et cetera, etc., a "place" for various forms of self-expression. A showcase for artists and a "place" for cross-genre chemical reactions. Be chaotic, but never complete.

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